25 Most used websites on the Internet

Posted on June 5, 2011

The following list aims to show you the webs more trafficked properties and give you a little insight as to what they do.

1. Google – No surprise here, the search giant just keeps getting bigger and better.

2. Facebook – Googles’ biggest competitor is now second only to Google.

3. YouTube – We all know the reason for this, raise your hand if you’ve spent 4 hours at a time on YouTube.

4. Yahoo – A dying company, it looks to be falling.

5. Blogger - Formerly blogspot, the webs biggest blogging platform.

6. Baidu – Chinese translator.

7. Wikiepedia – I’m sure we’ve all relied on wikipedia information at one time or another.

8. Windows Live – Search engine from Microsoft.

9. Twitter – Tweet tweet!

10. QQ – A large Chinese internet portal.

11. MSN

12. Yahoo Japan

13. Sina.com.cn

14. TaoBao.com

15. Google India

16. Linked In

17. Amazon

18. WordPress

19. Google.co.hk

20. Google.de

21. Bing

22. Google.co.uk

23. eBay

24. Yandex.ru

25. Google Japan

As you can see by looking at this top twenty five list, the google sister sites rule the web. The other interesting thing is that outside the top 10 most people havent heard of half of these websites. But check them out and see for yourself!

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